Welcome to CCCO - Chinese Christian Church of Ottawa


Welcome to the Chinese Christian Church of Ottawa (CCCO). We would like to get to know you better and give you an opportunity to get to know us also. First allow us to introduce you to our church ...

CCCO exists to build a mature Christian community where Christ's love is experienced, exhibited and extended in Ottawa and beyond.

Our Mission: Be A Disciple Making Church

CCCO Church Planting Initiative Reports

CCCO 30th anniversary Prayer Campaign

English Ministry Retreat @ Silver Like - Aug. 16-18

Summer is here! And this year, the English congregation is invited to spend the weekend together for our EM retreat! From August 16th to 18th, we'll be at Silver Lake Wesleyan Camp for a weekend of worship and summer activities! Our speaker will be Michael Chhangur, a church plant pastor, will speak throughout the retreat on the theme of "Destiny: Gospel Living in a Trending World".

Family News

  1. CCCO 30th Anniversary Celebration Activity: We will be holding a CCCO Anniversary Fair in the afternoon on Saturday, June 1st. This will be a fun and relaxing opportunity to get to know your fellow brothers & sisters outside our usual church activities. We are inviting brothers & sisters to conduct mini-workshops that showcase their talents/skills/hobbies and share their passion with others. If you would like to participate or want more details, please contact the 30th Anniversary Celebration Planning Team (Chunsheng Li, Emily Wong, Michael Yip and Arvin Chung).
  2. "30/30" Prayer Campaign
    30 seconds to prayer for church daily for 30 days, starting March 3 to April 1.
    While we celebrate our church 30th anniversary and look forward to renew and rebuild our church in the coming years, we urge our congregation to unite our heart to pray for the future of our church.
    • a spirit of repentance and humility before God throughout this prayer campaign
    • a spirit of unity in seeking God's will for the future site of CCCO
    • a spirit of faith and boldness to embrace God's future for CCCO to become a Disciple-making church.
  3. Extended Fellowship: Please join us next door on May 26 immediately after the service. We will be having a lunch potluck fellowship. Please sign up to bring needed items for our time.
  4. Cambridge Public School shoes drive Drop off your GENTLY used shoes (no winter boots) at the desk outside Pastor Jin's office. Money collected will be used for books, field trips and special workshops for students.
  5. Rachel Yip and Stephanie Ko are seeking out women to start a women's group. It will be a once a month Bible study. If you are interested please make sure to speak with them.
  6. If you have news or prayer items which you would like published in the weekly English congregation bulletin, please send your requests to: english.news@ccco.on.ca

Children and Youth Ministry

  1. More about our Children Ministries on http://www.cccokids.ca.

Our church ministries include:

  • Cantonese
  • Mandarin
  • English
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Community
  • Mission
  • Prayer

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