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Welcome to the Chinese Christian Church of Ottawa (CCCO). We would like to get to know you better and give you an opportunity to get to know us also. First allow us to introduce you to our church ...

CCCO exists to build a mature Christian community where Christ's love is experienced, exhibited and extended in Ottawa and beyond.

Our Mission: Be A Disciple Making Church

CCCO Church Planting Initiative Reports

CCCO 30th anniversary Prayer Campaign

English Ministry Retreat @ Silver Like - Aug. 16-18

Summer is here! And this year, the English congregation is invited to spend the weekend together for our EM retreat! From August 16th to 18th, we'll be at Silver Lake Wesleyan Camp for a weekend of worship and summer activities! Our speaker is Michael Chhangur, a church plant pastor, and he will be speaking throughout the retreat on the theme of "Destiny: Gospel Living in a Trending World.

Family News

  1. English Pastor Rev. Jin Chong and Youth worker Jethro Cheung's 3-year term will ends at the end of February and March 2020. A committee has been formed, appointed by the Elders Board, to solicit feedback from CCCO congregations. You are invited to complete the Feedback Questionnaires. The committee will incorporate your inputs and make recommendations to the Board by the end of September, 2019. You can complete your feedback survey in one of the two ways: (1) Pick up a Feedback Questionnaires on the table at the back, 2. Request the digital Feedback Questionnaires from one of the Committee members and email them back the completed form. Please return the completed Feedback Questionnaires to any one of the Committee members before July 28, 2019.
    Rev. Jin Chong Jethro Cheung
    Term ends End of March 2020 End of February 2020
    Committee Members Baldwin Toye (btoye@rogers.com)
    Amy Kong (amy.kong.88@gmail.com)
    Lapkin Ip (lapkini@yahoo.com)
    Pauline Tsang (paulinetsang9@gmail.com)
    Mandy Hui (mandyhui9@gmail.com)
    Salina Yan (salina.yan@ccco.on.ca)
  2. English Ministry Retreat
    Friday, August 16th - Sunday, August 18th
    Speaker: Michael Chhangur
    Michael is the church planting intern at Resurrection Church. He has worked as an emergency department RN, studied at Reformed Theological Seminary, and has recently accepted a call to church plant in Halifax, NS, beginning 2020
    Register before June 30th, We'll be raising the price for late registrants after June 30th.
    Adults: $120 (Ages 18-65) Students: $80 (College/University)
    Teens/Seniors: $80 (Ages 13-17, 65+)
    Youth: $40 (Ages 6-12)
    Children (Ages 5 and under) - Free!
    Families of 2 Adults and 2+ kids - $350/family Kids can be students/teens/youth
    What's Covered
    The cost will include lodging and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for each day, prepared by Silver Lake
    Contact : Ralph Lee email: theralphlee@gmail.com
    For financial assistance or more questions, please email Ralph Lee. We will work on how we can help you!
  3. If you have news or prayer items which you would like published in the weekly English congregation bulletin, please send your requests to: english.news@ccco.on.ca

Children and Youth Ministry

  1. More about our Children Ministries on http://www.cccokids.ca.

Our church ministries include:

  • Cantonese
  • Mandarin
  • English
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Community
  • Mission
  • Prayer

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