Welcome to CCCO - Chinese Christian Church of Ottawa


Welcome to the Chinese Christian Church of Ottawa (CCCO). We would like to get to know you better and give you an opportunity to get to know us also. First allow us to introduce you to our church ...

CCCO exists to build a mature Christian community where Christ's love is experienced, exhibited and extended in Ottawa and beyond.

Our Mission: Be A Disciple Making Church

CCCO Church Planting Initiative Reports

CCCO 30th anniversary Prayer Campaign

English Ministry Retreat @ Silver Like - Aug. 16-18

As the retreat date is approaching, we're looking forward to spending the weekend at Silver Lake for all those who have registered! If you are still interested in registering for the retreat, the registration will be closing on July 31! After that, please contact Ralph @ theralphlee@gmail.com for any late registrations or any additional questions.

Family News

  1. No English congregation worship on Aug 18. Our congregation will be away on a retreat that weekend.
  2. Because of the Labor Day long weekend, the communion service in September will be postponed to Sept. 8.
  3. The following is the cash flow of our church from January to end of June 2019. Total income is $208,445, total expense is $256,575 and deficit is $48,130. Please remember the financial need of our church in your prayer.
  4. For the past year, the Elders board, together with the deacons and core group members have been praying and reworking a revised Vision and Mission statement as well as our Core Values. Our pastors are preparing a series of sermon to expand and introduce them to us in September. Please pray for our pastors for their preparation and brothers and sisters to prepare their hearts for the messages. Together, we faithfully carry out the mission of God in CCCO.
  5. If you have news or prayer items which you would like published in the weekly English congregation bulletin, please send your requests to: english.news@ccco.on.ca

Children and Youth Ministry

  1. More about our Children Ministries on http://www.cccokids.ca.

Our church ministries include:

  • Cantonese
  • Mandarin
  • English
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Community
  • Mission
  • Prayer

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