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Children and Youth Ministry

Our C&Y ministries exist to fulfill CCCO's desire to partner with families in raising the next generation of children and youth to follow Christ. A full range of programs are available for children from infancy to the end of High School. You can learn more about our Children and Youth Ministry below.

Children's Ministry

At CCCO, one of our greatest treasures is the children and we believe in the importance of nurturing the new generation.
We strive to provide a safe, fun, learning environment. All of our children workers are trained with the church’s Child Abuse Prevention and Protection Program (CAPPP) and AWANA leaders received training in accordance to AWANA Canada ministry’s training standard.

We want to see SMILES on all our children

Salvation It is a vision that every child will accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and be faithful follower of Christ.
Mature in Christ The children will grow in their abilities to understand, express and defend the teaching of God’s Word, and grow in their walk with God.
In-depth Relationship The children will develop an in-depth relationship with God; and desire to worship the Lord with their souls, hearts and minds.
Love The children will be shown and will learn to show the love of Christ in their lives. And to love and longing for the Word of God.
Evangelism The children will be taught and modeled the importance and value of evangelism (both local and abroad) and to share the gospel.
Service/Supplication The children will develop an attitude and practice of Christ-like service to their family, church and community. The children are to fill their lives with prayers as they grow in faith.

The Children and Youth Ministry deeply believes that the Bible consistently and explicitly lays upon parents the primary responsibility for teaching and modeling God’s truth the children and youths. Children’s Ministry exists to work alongside parents in the challenges they may face today. Together we strive to help children to instill a relationship with God with Biblical values and principles. There is always a strong Biblical focus as children are taught through creative lessons and values from God’s Word.

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Children's Sunday Programs

Time Coordinator Age Group
09:30 - 10:45 Shelly Wang New born to 3 years old Nusery
Michelle Wang 3 years old to Grade 1 Seedling (Focus on activities)
Parents Grade two to Grade 6 Join the English Sunday Worships with parents
11:15 - 12:30 Amy Wang New born to 3 years old Nusery
11:00 - 11:20 Salina Yan 3 years old to Grade 6 Sunday TOGETHER (Music to Lord)
11:20 - 12:30 Michelle Wang 3 years old to Grade 1 Seedling Group
Salina Yan Grade 2 to Grade 6 Sprout Group

Sunday TOGETHER is a new program started in September 2010 to replace the traditional Children Sunday School. (Coordinator: Salina Yan)

  • It is a vision that FAMILIES all worship and learn TOGETHER on Sunday; and return back home to carry on the mission TOGETHER during week days.
  • It is a vision that children will be nurtured since young age to come to the house of God to learn, to worship, to pray and to praise TOGETHER with their peers, with their parents.
  • It is a vision that parents’ lives being transformed and in turn to nurture the spiritual growth of their own children and TOGETHER to worship, to pray and to study HIS Word.
  • It is a vision that the children grow up in a closely knitted God’s family and they would not want to walk away from it. Jesus said “If a man remains in me and I in him ..”. that’s TOGETHER.
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Children's Ministry Bulletin Board

For detail of the following events, please contact Salina Yan or Jean Lam, or leave message at (613) 563-3043, or visit the Children’s Ministry bulletin board on 2nd floor.

  • Annual Special Sunday Program:
    - Easter Sunday Celebration
    - Christmas Celebration
  • Vacation Bible School:
    A full week summer children's program is offered. The program to be offered is to be decided each year.
  • Summer Family Fun Strawberry Picking:
    Date: Saturday June 23, 2012
    Time: 8:30am meet at the farm
    Location: Shouldice Berry Farm, BARRHAVEN site at 2901 Woodroffe Avenue between Fallowfield & Strandherd

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Children's Weekly Awana Programs (JK - Grade 6)

Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed - 2 Timothy 2:15

Awana is a program for children in junior kindergarten to grade 6. The program runs from September to April every Friday at the church starting from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m..
Awana exists to help churches prepare and join the battle for the next generation. At CCCO, Awana is a large part of the Children’s Ministry.
It brings the children back to the basics of learning the Word of God from the Bible through memory verses, gospel lessons, songs and games.

Commander: Jean Lam (
Time: September to April, Friday evenings 7:30 - 9:00
Age: JK - Grade 6
  • Sparks, JK - Gr. 2
  • T & T, Gr. 3 - Gr. 6
Weekly Games Time: It's where children learn to work together as a team and to compete with a positive attitude.
Awana Store: Children accumulate the Awana bucks achieved through memorization, good behaviour, and gaining points during Games Time and at the end of each month, can purchase items at the Awana Store.
The five principles
of Awana ministry:
  1. Awana is centred on the gospel.
  2. Scripture memory is a key element.
  3. Awana is exciting and fun.
  4. Children are trained to serve.
  5. Awana is built on volunteer leadership.


Sparks is a clube for children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 2.
Throughout a club night, Sparkies participate in Large Group Time called “Green Meadow Time” where they are exposed to the gospel through Bible lessons, and singing.
Awards are given for achievements in Handbook Time, or Sparkle Time, where children memorize scripture and spend time understanding the gospel. Lessons focus on knowing God and His Son.

T & T

Similarly, in Truth and Training Club, or T&T, clubbers participate in “Council Time” (Large group) and Handbook Time. T&T is for children from Grade 3 to Grade 6. There is focus on helping kids to love God.

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Youth Ministry Vision

At CCCO our youth ministry desires to see our students transformed by Christ and develop a passionate faith that is rooted in Scripture; so they would dynamically shape the people and culture around them.

Guided by this vision, CCCO presses on towards the goal of teaching and encouraging youth to know and be more like Christ, to form an intentional community of faith, to be present in their lives and encourage them to use their gifts and abilities to serve the Church and bring light to the world.

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Our Caring Team of Adults

We believe that youth need spiritually mature adults (in addition to the youth pastor, parents etc.) to encourage, challenge and love them so they would make healthy decisions in adolescence and grow to be more like Christ. A great team provides the opportunity to properly engage each youth in the group through the process of spiritual formation and discipleship. It is important that each adult leader (Pastor and workers) has a character that is consistent with Scripture so they are able to model Christ’s love to the youth. Each of our adult leaders has been carefully screened and trained with our Child Abuse Prevention and Protection Program (CAPPP) complete with Police Record Checks and references.

“The adults who make Christianity come alive are the adults who take an interest in me the adults who show an interest in my life as well as a passion and interest in their own lives. Not only do they say, “Hey, how are things going with you?” They are willing to sit down and say “Let me tell you what’s going on with me.” Those are the people I really enjoy. Those are the people who have kept me in church.”

"Contemplative Youth Ministry, Practicing the Presence of Jesus." - Mark Yaconelli

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The Role of Parents in the Youth Ministry

The youth ministry seeks to come alongside parents, assisting them and equipping them to serve their child(ren). At CCCO, we believe that families are the most influential in nurturing faith. Our hope is to restablish the home as the primary place where grace is experienced and exhibited. Our programs will do our best to come alongside you to faithfully teach from Scripture, disciple and equip your children for a life that glorifies God.

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Pure Energy

Pure Energy meets Friday at 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. from September to June and has Sunday school from 11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m..

Adolescence is a very challenging time where youth are presented with decisions to make each day. We recognize the pressure of being a youth and exist to work alongside families to train and be present in the lives of our young people. We aim to provide a loving community where the youth can grow through reaching for closer relationships with Christ and others.

The world is presenting more and more challenges to our junior high students; it's difficult to make the right decisions. Our Jr. High ministry acknowledges that the hardships of teens start earlier than ever before. We seek to help junior high students prepare for adolescence and provide fun activities designed to help them learn about faith in Jesus and build positive relationships.

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Youth Fellowhsip

YF meets every Friday at 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. and has Sunday school at 11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m..

CCCO makes it a priority to provide teens with a safe community to develop strong friendships, grow in their faith and prepare for a life of service and love.

Our high school ministry desires that teens would discover Christ and become mature followers in a safe community that teaches Scripture, how to be faithful example, serving in the church and community and reaching their friends. Living as a Christian in high school is one of the biggest challenges in life, so we provide loving adult leaders who have lived through these various struggles and practice the presence of Jesus with youth. YF is a time for teens in high school to hang out, be challenged and have fun. We have Bible studies, games, trips and retreats. YF is a great place to meet others, develop friendships and discover what it means to be a follower of Christ.

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